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Unit1 Sports

Lesson 1 Ping-pong and Basketball

1. Words 单词 sport 运动

favourite 最喜欢的 football 足 basketball 篮球 teach 教 learn 学习 tomorrow 明天 great

also 也,还 need 需要

always 总是,一直 T-shirt T恤衫 best 最好,最

okay 行,好(=OK) sure 当然,一定 wear 穿 some 一些

any 任一,一些

2. Phrases 短语

play sports 做运动

teach me to play ping-pong 教我打乒乓球 learn to play basketball 学打篮球 go shopping 去购物

what about …呢?…怎么样? would like 想要

3. Sentences 句子

1) What sport do you play? 你做什么运动? I play football and ping-pong. 我踢足球,打乒乓球。

2) Of all sports, I like basketball best. 在所有的运动中,我最喜欢篮球。 3) Ping-pong/ Basketball is my favourite. 乒乓球/篮球是我的最爱。

4) Can you teach me to play ping-pong? 你能教我打乒乓球吗? Sure! 当然!

5)Let’s go to play ping-pong and basketball tomorrow. 让我们明天去打乒乓球和篮球吧。

6)I also need a T-shirt. 我还需要一件T恤衫。

7)I always wear a T-shirt to play ping-pong. 我总是穿一件T恤衫打乒乓球。 8)What about you? 你呢?

9)Do you have any ping-pong balls? 你有乒乓球吗? 10)She would like some bananas. 她想要一些香蕉。 11)They don’t have any milk. 他们没有牛奶。

Lesson2 At the Sports Shop

1. Words 单词 these 这些 those 那些

show 给…看, 出示 dollar 美元 near 近 far 远

2. Oral English 口语

Excuse me. 对不起,打扰一下。 Here they are. 它们在这儿 ! I’ll show you. 我带你们去看看!

3. Sentences 句子

1) Do you have any T-shirts? 你们有T恤衫吗? 2)Do you like this T-shirt or that T-shirt? 你喜欢这件T恤衫还是那件? I want this one! 我想要这件!

3)Do you want these or those?你想要这些还是那些? 4)These balls are five dollars. 这些球5美元。 5)This woman is wearing a yellow dress. 这个妇女穿着一件黄色连衣裙。 6)That man is wearing a red sweater. 那个男人穿着一件红色毛衣。

7)These people are talking. 这些人在说话。 8)Those people are singing. 那些人在唱歌。 9)This woman is near. 这个女人近。 10)That man is far. 那个男人远。 11)These flowers are near. 这些花儿近。 12)Those flowers are far. 那些花儿远。 13) Do you like this football or that football?


I like that football. 我喜欢那个足球。

Lesson 3 Let’s play!

1. Words 单词

ready 准备好的 try 试,尝试

catch 接住(过去式caught) throw 抛,扔(过去式threw) heavy 重的 light 轻的 easy 容易的 difficult 困难的 hit 击(球),打(过去式hit) ouch 哎哟(表示突然的疼痛) poor 可怜的,贫穷的

2. Oral English 口语 Let me try! 让我试试! Here I go! 我开始了!

3. Sentences 句子

1) Are you ready to learn to play basketball? 你准备好学打篮球?

2) I want to learn, too! 我也想学!

3) I’m throwing the basketball! 我正在投篮球。 4) Catch the basketball. 接住篮球。 5) This is too difficult! 这太难了! 6) The ball is too heavy! 这球太重了! 7) I can throw it. 我能投它。 8) The basketball is heavy. 篮球重。 9) The ping-pong ball is light. 乒乓球轻。

10) I am hitting the ball to Jenny. 我正把球打给珍妮。 11) Can you hit the ball to Jenny?你能把球打给珍妮吗?12)Li Ming hits the ball, but Danny hits his hand! 李明打球,但是丹尼打到了自己的手。 13)The man is teaching the boy to skate. 那个男人正在教那个男孩滑冰。 14)The boy is learning to skate.


15)Jenny can fly the kite very high. It’s easy.


Lesson4 Do you have fun?

1. Words 单词

buy----bought 买

hit----- hit 击(球),打 teach----taught 教 think----thought 认为 can----could 能 eat----ate 吃 see----saw 看见 catch----caught 接住 throw----threw 抛,扔

2. Phrases 短语

have fun 玩得开心 a basketball player 篮球运动员 at the shop 在商店

buy things at the shop 在商店买东西 each other 互相,彼此

teach each other a sport 教彼此一项运动 a new heavy ball 一个新的重球

3. Sentences 句子

1) Did you have fun today? 你们今天玩得开心吗? Yes, we did! 是的,我们很开心。 2)I taught Jenny to hit the ball. 我教珍妮打球。 3)I taught Li Ming to throw and catch the ball. 我教李明投球和接球。

4)Did Danny learn to play basketball, too? 丹尼也学打篮球了吗?

5)He thought the basketball was too heavy. 他认为篮球太重了。

6)He played basketball with a ping-pong ball. 他把乒乓球当篮球打。

7)Jenny and Li Ming often buy things at the shop. 珍妮和李明经常在商店买东西。、

8)Sometimes, they teach each other a sports. 有时候,他们教彼此一项运动。 9)Danny always thinks he can catch the ball, but he can’t. 丹尼总是认为他能接住球,但是他不能。

10)This morning, Jenny and Li Ming bought things at the shop.

今天上午,珍妮和李明在商店买了东西。 11)This afternoon, they taught each other a sport. 今天下午,他们教了彼此一项运动。

12)Danny thought he could hit the ball, but he hit his hand. 丹尼认为他能打球,但是他打到了他的手。 13)Last Sunday, I walked to the zoo. 上周日,我步行去了动物园。

14)I ate some bread for lunch. 我午饭吃了一些面包。 15)What did you do last Sunday? 你上周日做什么了?

Lesson5 A Basketball Game

1. Words 单词

watch 观看 (watched) game 比赛 team 队,组

player 运动员,比赛者 win 赢(过去式won) yell 喊叫

well 好(副词,形容词是good) hard 努力地

2. Phrases 短语 play a game 打比赛

play with the Orange Team 和橙队打比赛 watch Bob play basketball 观看鲍勃打篮球 play hard 打得卖力

yell for Bob’s team 为鲍勃的队喊加油 play basketball for fun 打篮球娱乐

3. Sentences 句子

1) What did you do this evening? 今天晚上你们做什么了?

2)We watched Bob play basketball. 我们看鲍勃打篮球了。

3)Did Bob’s team play a game? 鲍勃的队打比赛了吗? 4)It was a very good game. 那是一场非常好的比赛。5)Does Bob play basketball every day? 鲍勃每天打篮球吗?

6)He plays basketball for fun on Saturday and Sunday. 他周六日打篮球娱乐。

7)He played so well this evening. 他今晚打得那么好。8)What game did you play? 你打了什么比赛? 9)Where did you play the game? 你们在哪里打的比赛? 10)When did you play the game?


11)Which team won? 那个队赢了?

12)We had fun yesterday. 我们昨天玩得开心。

Lesson6 A Famous Football Player

1. Words 单词 ago 以前 parents 父母 use 用 bottle 瓶子 as 作为 coach 教练 give----gave 给 gift 礼物

harder 更努力(hard的比较级) kind 和蔼的 run----ran 跑

dig----dug 挖,掘

say----said 说

famous 著名的 world 世界 cup 杯子 hole 洞,孔

know 知道,认识

2. Phrases 短语

many years ago 很多年前 there was 有(表示过去存在)

buy him a football = buy a football for him 为他买一个足球

use boxes and bottles as his footballs 用盒子和瓶子作为他的足球 from then on 从那时起 dig a hole 挖一个洞

a 17-year-old boy 一个17岁男孩 win the World Cup 赢得世界杯 be famous around the world 世界闻名

3. Sentences 句子

1) Many years ago, there was a boy from a very poor

family. 许多年前,有一个家境很贫穷的男孩。 2) His parents couldn’t buy him a football.


3) He thought that the boy would be a good player.

他认为这个男孩会成为一名很好的运动员。 4) The coach gave the boy a football as a gift.

这个教练给了这个男孩一个足球作为礼物。 5) From then on , the boy played football harder.

从那时起,这个男孩更加努力地踢足球。 6) He ran to the coach’s home and dug a hole in front of

his house. 他跑到教练的家, 在他的家前面挖了一个洞。 7) The coach asked the boy to be a player on his football


教练让这个男孩成为他足球队里的一名运动员。 7) In 1958, the 17-year-old boy and his team won the

World Cup. 在1958年,这个17岁的男孩和他的球队赢得了世界杯。

8) He was famous around the world. 他全世界出名了。 9) Who is the boy? 那个男孩是谁? 10) Do you know who the boy is?