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2BW4-OBK4 Complete sets of equipment

安 装 使 用 说 明 书

Installation Manual


HUBEI TongFang HI-TECH PUMP CO.LTD 同方泵业 2BW4-OBK4(OEK4)成套装置安装使用说明

概 述 Summary

I. 湖北同方高科泵业有限公司是生产水环真空泵的专业厂家,2BW4型水环真空泵成套装置(机组)是我公司在引进德国西门子公司技术的基础上进一步改良而来,用于25MW、50MW、100MW、135 MW、200MW、300MW、600MW和1000MW发电机组配套以及化工、卷烟等行业。抽吸容器中的气体以形成一定真空度,达到提高发电出力,增加蒸发效果以及干燥、吸附的目的。工作介质一般为不含固体颗粒的常温清水,其规格主要有2BW4 203、2BW4 253、2BW4 303、2BW4 353、2BW4 403几种类型的机组,机组制造及管路连接法兰采用德国DIN标准,以2BW4 203-0BK4为例说明型号及意义:

I. HUBEI TongFang HI-TECH PUMP CO.LTD is a corporation specializes in producing water cycle vacuum pump. The 2BW4 type water cycle vacuum pump complete set equipment is designed based on Germany Siemens technology with optimization. It is used in 25MW, 50MW, 100MW, 135 MW, 200MW, 300MW, 600MW and 1000MW generators power plant, and chemistry, tobacco industries. It can suck the air in the vessel and form the vacuum of a certain level in order to increase the generated power, improve the evaporation effect, drying and adsorption. The working mediator is usually normal temperature clean water and the types are 2BW4 203、2BW4 253、2BW4 303、2BW4 353、2BW4 403. The manufacture of the unit and the flange for connecting the pipes adopts the German DIN standard, here take the 2BW4 203-0BK4 for example to paraphrase the meaning:

同方泵业 2BW4-OBK4(OEK4)成套装置安装使用说明

2BW 4 203-0 B K 4

water supply padding seal



Complete set with motor (without air ejector)


The material quality is the carbon steel (when the letter is E, material quality is stainless steel) 泵型号

Pump model


The 4th improvement vacuum pump complete equipment set


Improved water cycle vacuum pump complete model

二、2BW4-0BK(0EK4)机组结构及原理 II. 2BW4-0BK (0EK4) unit structure and principle 2.1机械部分 2.1 Mechanical part (1)结构 (1)Structure


(a)2BW4-0BK (0EK4) the unit structure sees Figure VI. Use the closed cycle and it is mainly composed of the following several parts:

1、水环真空泵 2、底座 3、电机 4、控制箱 5、汽水分离器 6、排水管 7、液位计 8、联轴器(转速与电机不一致时带减速机)

同方泵业 2BW4-OBK4(OEK4)成套装置安装使用说明

9、热交换器 16、进气管 17、泵排气管 18、成套排气管(与分离器一体) 28、泵供水管 28a、喷射支管(电厂用 ) 16b、环形断流阀 18c、止回阀 22a、补水电磁阀 22b、输出调节器 24b、手动球阀(旁边管路输) 47、压力开关 47b、压差开关

1、water cycle vacuum pump 2、pedestal 3、electrical motor 4、 control box 5、air and water separator 6、discharge pipes 7、Liquid meter 8、the shaft coupling (when the rotational speed is inconsistent with electrical motor a speed reducer will be adopted) 9、heat exchanger 16、air feeder pipe 17、pump exhaust pipe 18、complete set exhaust pipes (together with the separator) 28、pump water supply pipe 28a、the spraying branch pipe (power plant uses) 16b、ring-shape water stopping valve 18c、 the check valve 22a、water sypply magnet valve 22b、output adjustor 24b、the manual ball valve (side pipeline supply) 47、pressure switches 47b、differential pressure switch (b)、2BW4型成套接口及尺寸表

(b)、2BW4 complete set connection and size table

公 称 直 径 序号 代号 Serial Code number number 法兰标准号 Flange standard number 名称 Name Nominal diameter 法兰标准号 2BW4203 2BW4253 2BW4303 2BW4353 2BW4403 Flange standard number 汽体吸入口 1 N1.2 Air/water induction port 125 150 200 250 300 DIN2576 汽体排出口 2 3 N2.2 N3.3 Air/water output 125 Rp1 150 Rp1 200 Rp1 250 Rp1 300 Rp1 DIN2576 Rp1 进水口 Water inlet 同方泵业 2BW4-OBK4(OEK4)成套装置安装使用说明

65 4 总排水口 N4.6 General water output 热交换器 进水口 Heat N5.0 exchanger water inlet 40 40 40 40 40 DIN2566 5 50 80 100 100 100 DIN2633 热交换器 进水口 6 N6.0 Heat exchanger water inlet 50 80 100 100 100 DIN2633 泵压缩 空气口 7 N8. The pump compressed air port Rp1/4 Rp1/4 Rp1/4 Rp1/4 Rp1 接口说明:

Connection explanation:


1、the air/water induction port connects the air/water turbine, the condensation back pressure exit.

2、进水口所进水源为凝结水,至低限度须将自来水软化,防止泵内结垢严重。 2、The water source of the water inlet is the condensed water. To the low limit the water must the softened to prevent sedimentation inside the pump 3、排水口接排水沟槽。

3、The water output connects the water draining trench. (c)、结构说明

(c)、Structure explanation