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名词 一 填空

1.To make a good ________(impress) on the boy , the shy girl had on her best coat. 2.Though the city is modern, there are still some problems, such as air pollution crowdedness and _________(noisy).

3.Tight jeans and trousers, short skirts and even sensible flat shoes may all cause _____ (ill).

4.The ________(decide) he made was praised.

5.Her ________(imagine) is vivid and she has a gift for being a writer. 6.The small village has changed beyond ________(recognize). 7.If you meet these ________(require), you can apply for this job. 8.To our ________(disappoint), our team failed to win the game. 9.Our ________(achieve) in astronomy is outstanding.

10.To my ________(satisfy), my son passed the driving test successfully. 11.I was impressed by her strong ________.(determine)

12.The girl made a detailed ________(describe) of the incident. 13.The ________(express) on her face suggested she was scared.

14.She was injured badly and called for an ________ (operate) on her leg. 15.She was in London and spent her ________(young) in China. 16.My sister has a ________(prefer) for snacks.

17.I went to the bookstore to buy a ________(refer) book.

18.Our teacher spoke highly of her________(perform) in the test.

19.In the past few years, Lucy has formed the habit of keeping a supply of candles in the house in case of power ________(fail).

20.Tom made a wise ____________(choose) between the two careers. 21.The flood caused a heavy ______(lose) to the local citizens.

22.English is my sister's ________ (strong), so she wants to be a translator. 23.He made a wonderful ________ (discover) in this field.

24.Father went to his doctor for_______ (advise)about his heart trouble.

25.Facing cut-throat ______ (compete) in all subjects, students must devote as much of their time as possible.

26.The ________ (erupt) of Mount Kilauea, one of the most active volcanoes in Hawaii, is always taking people by surprise.

27.Reduce the amount of it if you suffered from restlessness or ________ (sleep) after taking the medicine.

28.I shall never fear difficulty and I shall never know the _______ (exist) of the word “failure”.

29.The ________(long) of the river hasn't been measured yet.

30.It's a common ________ (practise) to give away red eggs when a baby is born. 31.People have different ________ (believe) in religions.

32.To my ________ (relieve), my daughter recovered from her illness gradually. 33.The man suffered from several ________ (injure) in the accident. 34.She put on ________(weigh) during the winter holiday. 35.The man is two meters in ________(high).

36.The meal was to my ________(tasty) and I ate a lot.

37.The workers were full of ________ (angry) because of the poor working conditions. 二 改错

1.What the teacher said is of great important to the future of the students 2.This book is of great valuable to sudents of history 3.To our surprised,he passed the exam without difficulty

4.The beautiful of the West Lake attracts a large number of tourists. 5.The boring speech by the professor made me run out of patient. 6.I admire her for her honest and kindness.

7.The number of languages is getting smaller all the time because of the steady growof bigger languages.

8.The old woman became out of breathe after walking home. 9.The boy gained independent from his parents in the end.

10.My little nephew is full of curious, eager to explore the unknown world. 11. He made many mistakes in his composition because of careless.

12. You'll find this map of great valuable in helping you to get round London. 形容词/副词 一填空

1.Because he lives far away from his grandparents, he goes to visit them ________(occasion).

2.The beauty of the mountain was so ________(attract) that a great many tourists came to visit it.

3.My brother came late to school so ________(frequent) that his teacher got angry. 4.I ________(rare) went to the cinema because I was too busy to spare any time. 5.Mr. Green ________(severe) punished his son for his rudeness.

6.The old man is ________(energy) and goes to work in his vegetable garden. 7.The little boy is always ________(curiosity) about the things around him. 8.My father got ________ (slight) angry, for I broke his favorite vase. 9.The weather is ________ (extreme) hot today.

10.To stay ________ (health), you should take enough exercise. 11.I ________ (strong) advise you to follow her advice.

12.________ (general) speaking, the climate in my hometown is mild all the year around.

13.The little girl stared at the bird ________ (curious).

14.________(convenient),we live near the supermarket and we can buy what we need. 15.If you want to keep fit,you must take exercise________(regular) and eat healthily. 1.She said she had never gone abroad,but________(actual),she had ever been to three countries at least.

17.She worked so hard that________(eventual)she suffered from a serious headache. 18.When you visit a _______________(total) different place the first time, the new food ,habits and language might make you want to run all the way back. 19.Please speak ___________ (slow) so that we can make full notes.

20.The boy looked at his father ________ (hope) because he thought his father had brought him a present.

21.This trip to China has ___________ (real) inspired me to relearn my Mandarin. 22.The mother is ___________ (worry) about her son’s safety.

23.So ____________ (excite) was the game that I forgot all about the coming finals. 24.The little girl walked ____________ (confident) onto the stage,ready for her first speech.

25.He was born and brought up in France,but he speaks English___________ (fluent). 26. — May I speak to Mr. Smith?

— I am afraid not. He is at a meeting now. It’s not ____________ (convenience).

27.Two years later, he left his parents and entered a _____________ (medicine) school.

28.His teacher took a deep drink, smiled _____________ (warm), and thanked his student very much for the sweet water.

29.The teacher is glad that everyone in her class is ______________ (anxiety) to learn. 30.I have been ______________ (deep) impressed by a number of experiences in her life.

31.It seems that living green is _____________(surprise) easy and affordable. A small step marks a big difference.

32.Everything seemed to be going _________(smooth)for the first two days after I moved to New York.

33.Just a month before the earthquake the school practiced an emergency drill showing the children how to ____________(calm) find their “safe place”. 二 改错

1. Lucky, I was not in the city when the earthquake happened there. 2. Hearing the news, he fell silently.

3.I am sure we’ll have a wonderfully time together.

4.She looked at me serious and said, “It’s bad to tell lies!” 5.At the meeting she kept silently.

6.Actually,there is nothing specially in today’s newspaper. 7.He has a real nice cat

8.I know the goverment think high of his invention. 9.They had to dig deeply to find water.

10.I’m terrible sorry to have given you so much trouble. 11.I’m sure we’ll have a wonderfully time together.

12.Seeing the trouble he caused, he promised to be more carefully in the future. 13.Her son Tom seemed terrible ill. 14.The old man looks very health. 15.He is reading the novel careful

16.He didn’t speak clear so we didin’t understand him

17.After learning the basics of the subject, nothing else seemed practically to me. 18.A plane is flying highly in the sky.

19.He looked differently after his return from Europe. 20.This morning I got up very lately.

21.However, we seldom felt lonely or helplessly. 22.I had to try hardly not to laugh at her shocked face. 23.Unfortunate, there are too many people in my family.

24.I was in greatly pain at that moment, but I tried to act as if nothing had happened. 25.He felt very sadly to hear that his friend died in the accident. 26.The school is bad in need of some new computers. 27.She is especial interested in music

28.It’s clearly that your life in your country is quite different from mine. 29.She called 119 immediate.

30.Lucky for him, he was admitted to a key university.