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(especially teens and young adults) are depressed.

This soaring wealth and shrinking spirit is called \American paradox\incomes and low morale, secured rights and diminished civility. We excel at making a living but often fail at making a life. We celebrate our prosperity but yearn for a purpose. We cherish our freedoms but long for connection. In an age of plenty, we feel spiritual hunger.

61. Which of the following statements best expresses the author’s view? A) In the long run, happiness grows with economy. B) The more money we earn, the happier we would be. C) The more money we earn, the diminished returns we have.

D) In the long run, money cannot guarantee happiness. √ 答案:D


62. The second $100,000 never tastes as good as the first, because ________.

A) it is not so important as the first $100,000 B) it’s not so fresh as the first $100,000 C) profit brought by it is less than that from the first $100,000

D) happiness brought by it is less than that from the first $100,000 √


解析:该句是用非常形象的说法解释了前一句话Once comfortable, more money provides diminishing returns ,即,“第二张饼不如第一张香,第二次获得10 万美元不如第一次那样开心。”经济学术语diminishing returns 的含义是“收益递减”,但在文中是指“幸福感递减”。因此,A项、B项和C项不对,只有D项为正确答案。

63. In this passage, \(Para. 4). A) B) C) D)

the American characteristic the American contradiction √ the American wonder the American phenomenon


解析:paradox意为“矛盾”。该词汇出现的前后均有提示,用的都是并列的两个概念形成对比。第四段的第一句实际上就是对paradox的解释soaring wealth and shrinking spirit,其后的几句话也是对这一说法的具体阐述。故选B项。

64. The example of what happened after 1957 is given to illustrate that ________.

A) young people are not happy about their life

B) people’s spiritual needs cannot be fulfilled by wealth √

C) social crimes have increased by a large margin D) family problems become more and more serious


解析:第三段可以分为两个层次,前三句构成设问句为第一层,后面两句为第二层。第二层主要起到承上启下的作用:通过列数字、举事例来说明第一层的观点,同时进一步转入到第四段。因此,文中列举出的1957 年以后的事例都是想要说明随着经济的发展,人们并没有为此而增加幸福感,相反,幸福感还会减少。接下来的第四段第一句话,实际上是对第三段第二层的总结。B项对应the divorce rate,C项对应violent crime rate,D项对应teen suicide rate ,这些都只是对现象的单方面归纳,而非结论。A项则是综合性的结论。

65. According to the passage, people excel at making a living but ________. A) B) C) D)

don’t know how to spend money don’t have any aim or ideal

don’t have any contact with other people don’t know how to enjoy life √


解析:文中最后一段说,我们善于谋生,但却往往不会营造生活。根据上下文,并列的两个相对概念中,前者为积极的方面,后者则是消极的方面。A项aim or ideal 对应的是purpose,C项contact with other people 对应的是connection,D项无对应内容,只有B项对应的是making a living,故选B项。


Imagine working at a school where you rarely have to use your disciplinary skills, and the students are motivated to succeed and lead well-rounded lives by participating in sporting and creative activities. Even better, imagine a parent-teacher conference where the parents respect you and your professional development is of concern to the school's administration. These are the benefits I have attained from my move into an international teaching career.

Prior to securing my position as an international teacher in Thailand, I worked for over three years in England. While I enjoyed my time there and learned a lot from my colleagues, there were parts of the job I didn't like. That's one of the reasons I now teach at an international school. When I was teaching in England, I often found that I had spent much of my time on discipline. However, as an international educator, I don't have even a quarter of the discipline issues I had when I was teaching in England. It's not because I teach less students; I still teach classes of 23 to 25 students. The reason I spend less time on discipline is because

teaching is a respected profession in Thailand and therefore teachers are treated very well by the whole community.

Here in Thailand, the majority of students are motivated to succeed academically. The whole school has a culture of rewarding success. This is in part because we are in Thailand, but it is also an integral (不可缺少的) component of the educational philosophy in the International Baccalaureate Organization's (IBO) curriculum. In the UK I was constantly giving of myself to keep my students motivated and believing that they could achieve well if they put in the effort. After a while this became draining. Now I can concentrate on teaching and opening my students' eyes to the wider world because they are so motivated to learn.

If you are not feeling the passion for education that originally inspired you to become a teacher, perhaps you should be looking at moving overseas. An additional benefit is that the salary is better than I was getting in the United Kingdom as well!

56. In Thailand, the author seldom has to use disciplinary skills because ________.

A) the students would not like the author to use disciplinary skills

B) the author is not good at using disciplinary skills C) the students are self-conscious and teachers are respected √

D) the author has less students to deal with 答案:C